Convert a range of unicode chars for GLCD Font

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

Convert a range of unicode chars for GLCD Font

Obsolete article, only for previous versions < V3.7

Another way to convert unicode chars by defining a range of them:

  • Enter font script mode
  • Enter Range Mode (yellow arrow)
  • If necessary, erase the from Hex and to Hex addresses with the clr button
  • Select Range Start in the char grid (red arrow), address appears in From Hex (blue Arrow)
  • Select Range End the same way in the char grid -> To Hex
  • Then Validate Address (blue arrow)
  • Encode the Font Range (orange Arrow)

Note : You can define Start and End of range addresses in different Fonts blocks. The condition is that the Start address is below the end address.

Version 3.0+

Bitmap2lcd Unicode Font Range



Before Version 3.0



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