Bitmap2LCD : Running a Processing Batch

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable text processing tool.

Running Processing Batch run runx

Article updated for V3.7c

There a many ways to run a Processing Batch :

  • Loading a Batch Program file into the text editor, start the active text processing batch for a single run run
  • Manually running a batch after conversion of a GLCD image or after conversion of a GLCD font, data being present in the text editor.
  • Chain an automatic post-processing after every image or font conversion.
  • Running a Processing batch on multiple defined files in a defined folder runx

The active batch (blue arrow) will be started in case of “manual” starts


if the Silent checkbox is checked (green arrow fig 2) , the message on screen with the number of processing occurrences found at the end of the text processing will not be displayed. ( Not needed in case of multiple file text processing )

Bitmap2CLD Running Text Processing 2

fig 2)

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