Header Include Editors and Scripting Components

Script Components

The script components [&***] can be included only once and will be replaced by the data or value when the data array is generated. Not needed script components can be deleted.


The [$NAME] and the image size and position are optional and can be placed optionally anywhere in the header.


Same for Size of Data


This is the script component if present in the file, to indicate that you want to have the XPOS and YPOS origins of a reduced dynamic table of constants ( a part of the display you want to change ) given from the X0,Y0 corner you selected in the table translation manager window.





The corner position on the Work Canvas and the size of the converted graphic area can be exported into the file.

There are more script components, for the font generation and the data compression. See the above default header script.

//** Example for for Images and Graphics Conversion!

#include <avr/pgmspace.h>

const uint8_t [&NAME][] PROGMEM = {


//** These are the X and Y position
//** and the Width and Height of an
//** exported graphic (optional)

//** for graphics conversion with data compression
const uint8_t [&CNAME][&CSIZE] PROGMEM = {

Header Include for Fonts


/* // Structured Font Output Include
typedef struct {
long int code;
const tImage *image;
} tChar;
typedef struct {
int length;
const tChar *chars;
} tFont;





const uint8_t [&DNAME][][2] PROGMEM = {


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