Example of how to convert a Graphic to a Data Array

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable graphic and text processing tool.

Example of how to convert a Graphic to a Data Array

Update V3.7c

Note : If you prefer the standard windows dialog method of loading of files, you can find it in the FILE main Menu. Here, it’s the GRAPHIC PREVIEW loading method that is shown !

1. In the File Explorer, Click on the Filename of the Graphic you want to load


In the GRAPHIC PREVIEW , first to load graphic element into the WORK CANVAS. you can choose different options as for example changing it’s size, it’s color reduction, it’s orientation.

2. The graphic appears in the preview > Click on Import ( purple arrow )


3. The graphic is imported in the FLOATING SELECTION LAYER above the Work Canvas ( red frame )


3. In this example, the graphic must be converted to monochrome, so you can either choose to define the Black and White THRESHOLD LEVEL with Adjustment Slider or a DITHERING ALGORITHM like for example Floyd Steinberg

4. Then move the FLOATING SELECTION LAYER if needed and then PASTE the selection layer to WORK CANVAS ( blue arrow )


4. No more red frame means no more visible floating selection layer above the work Canvas,

Convert the graphic to a array of data (orange arrow)


5. Job done !



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