Bitmap2lcd : Dithering and Color Reduction

Dithering and Color Reduction

Bitmap2LCD is a software tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable text and graphic processing tool.

List of Dithering Algorithms in Bitmap2LCD

When you convert a color image to monochrome or grayscale, you can use one of these algorithms :

Floyd Steinberg, Nearest Color, Stucki, JaNuNi, Steve Arche, Sierra, Burkes.

About Dithering Algorithms

Inside the WORK CANVAS, a graphic on the FLOATING SELECTED LAYER can be dithered (blue arrow) according to the defined parameters above the arrow.

Bitmap2lcd Dithering Algorithms

When a color graphic is imported and should be converted to black and white,  the DITHERING button ( green arrow ) appears at the top of the WORK CANVAS



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