Bitmap2LCD : Shades of Gray

Bitmap2LCD is a software tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable text and graphic processing tool.

Shades of Gray

Update V3.7c

Bitmap2LCD can generate data array for Graphic LCD of  4 , 16, 32 and 256 shades of gray

There are several setting options in the Output + Settings Main menu to do this, as shown below :



Here are the color pickers in the 32, 4 and 16 shades of gray modes :

Bitmap2LCD Grayscale Color Pickers

For example, in the 32 gray levels mode, the shades between the white color to the black color will output data per pixel from 0 to 31 decimal , or the opposite, from 31 to 0 decimal, see the above blue arrow if you invert the Gray Shades Palette of the Color Picker and Data Palette of the tool.


Grayscale Palettes

RGB (Red,Green,Blue) values in Hexadecimal :

4 Gray Shades Palette :

000000 555555 AAAAA FFFFFF

16 Gray Shades Palette :

RGB = 000000, 111111, 222222, 333333 until  FFFFFF

32 Gray Shades Palette :

RGB = FFFFFF, F7F7F7, EFEFEF, E7E7E7, DFDFDF, D7D7D7 , CFCFCF, C7C7C7,BFBFBF, B7B7B7, AFAFAF, A7A7A7, 9F9F9F, 979797,8F8F8F, 878787, 7F7F7F, 777777, 6F6F6F, 676767, 5F5F5F, 575757, 4F4F4F,474747, 3F3F3F, 373737, 2F2F2F, 272727, 1F1F1F, 171717, 0F0F0F, 000000



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