Memory space requirements for LCD

Memory space requirements for LCD

For the LCD panel, the required memory can be calculated using the following equation:

Required Memory =  ( Horizontal Resolution x Vertical Resolution /8* ) x bpp

( * For 8 bit data memory )

The memory requirements shown here are the minimum amounts required. In some cases, space for additional frame buffers may be needed.
For instance, it is common for some graphics software to maintain two separate frame buffers.
This enables the display of one frame buffer while another frame buffer is being updated by the software.

Panel Resolution—Total Pixels—Color Depth—-Required Memory for
—————————————————-bpp———Single Frame Buffer

320×240 (QVGA)—-76.8K———16bpp———53.6 KB
—————————————–12bpp———115.2 KB
—————————————–8bpp———–76.8 KB
—————————————–4bpp———–38.4 KB
—————————————–1bpp———–9.6 KB

128×128———-16.384K———-16bpp———32.768 KB
——————————————12bpp———24.576 KB
——————————————8bpp——— 16.384 KB
——————————————1bpp——— 2.048 KB

84×48————-4.032K———-16bpp———-8.064 KB
—————————————-12bpp———-6.048 KB
—————————————-8bpp ———–4.032 KB