GLCD Vector Programming Simulator / Debugger

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable graphic and text processing tool.

Bitmap2LCD : GLCD Vector Programming Simulator / Debugger

Version V3.9n and upwards

Loading GLCD Vector Script files

GLCD Vector Programming script files (*.B2L file ext) are stored in the user defined Graphics Files folder and can be loaded into the script editor using the File explorer (blue arrow).

From version V3.9n , when the GLCD Vector Tab in the main menu is active, there’s a quicker way to load an existing vector script file: All the B2L files found in the Graphics Folder are listed in a combobox (Purple arrows)

GLCD Vector Script Menu bar

From version V3.9n, the vector script menu bar has been upgraded with new items. (blue arrow)

  • List of GLCD Vector Functions to import in the script
  • List of basic functions (f.e sleep/pause, calling a subprogram)
  • Current ANSI Font + Font size or Editable Font to load into script

Simultator/debugger functions and other features have been added (see context menu (Orange arrow)

Debugger allows to set breakpoints by clicking the script line inside the gutter (Red arrow) and to ignore/include (Ctrl+i) a script line at script running time . (Green arrow)


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