GLCD Font Output formats : Raw or Struct

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

GLCD Font Output formats : Raw or Struct

Standard Edition, Update V3.7c

From release V2.4d , you can choose between two types of font data output, bitmaps in a raw data array or a C tfont structure

Check (raw) or uncheck (struct) the raw/-struct checkbox in the configuration settings panel

Version 3.7 +


C language tfont structure in stuct font output mode :

typedef struct {
long int code;
const tImage *image;
} tChar;
typedef struct {
int length;
const tChar *chars;
} tFont;

Previous Versions :

Version 3.0 +

Bitmap2lcd Font Settings



Before Version 3.0 +

Bitmap2LCD Configuration Settings Raw Struct



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