Convert Multiple Bitmap Files into Data in one run

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable graphic and text processing tool.

Update > From Bitmap2LCD V3.6h, V3.7c

Convert Multiple Bitmap Files into Data in one run

Bitmap2LCD can in one single run, load all bitmaps (or files of the defined graphic type) located in a defined folder, convert them to data and save them in a subdirectory of the defined source folder.

  • Enter the graphic batch program as shown below ( blue arrow )  using the functions located in the Graphic Tab Note : in this case filename must be left undefined like this : ‘filename’

A mouse right click inside the programming field will show you a pop up menu !

  • Do not forget to activate this batch ( check active processing batch is… label )
  • Define source folder of all the graphic files in the settings ( see 2nd screenshot below )
  • Check/modify the Work canvas size, in this example, all source bitmaps will be resized to canvas size !
  • Check/modify the normal data output format settings
  • Start the processing ( red arrow )
  • Read the processing report
  • bitmap2lcd graphic files batch

From Bitmap2LCD V3.7

Buttons have been moved to the the main Menu



  • Select the batch for multiple files processing in the configuration settings -> Batch Tab and define the currently active folder in the file explorer as the “Folder for Graphic Processing of Multiple Files” Folder.
  • The converted Output files will be saved during the process to the above defined source files folder + sub-folder \processed
  • Also check/modify the Graphic File Extension field. (green Arrow)
  • bitmap2lcd graphic files batch settings

At the end of the processing run, you can read the processing report as shown below.

In the example below, color bitmaps are converted to 16 level grayscale

bitmap2lcd graphic files batch report



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