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Bitmap2LCD : Shades of Gray

Bitmap2LCD is a software tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable text and graphic processing tool.

Shades of Gray

Update V3.7c

Bitmap2LCD can generate data array for Graphic LCD of  4 , 16, 32 and 256 shades of gray

There are several setting options in the Output + Settings Main menu to do this, as shown below :



Here are the color pickers in the 32, 4 and 16 shades of gray modes :

Bitmap2LCD Grayscale Color Pickers

For example, in the 32 gray levels mode, the shades between the white color to the black color will output data per pixel from 0 to 31 decimal , or the opposite, from 31 to 0 decimal, see the above blue arrow if you invert the Gray Shades Palette of the Color Picker and Data Palette of the tool.


Grayscale Palettes

RGB (Red,Green,Blue) values in Hexadecimal :

4 Gray Shades Palette :

000000 555555 AAAAA FFFFFF

16 Gray Shades Palette :

RGB = 000000, 111111, 222222, 333333 until  FFFFFF

32 Gray Shades Palette :

RGB = FFFFFF, F7F7F7, EFEFEF, E7E7E7, DFDFDF, D7D7D7 , CFCFCF, C7C7C7,BFBFBF, B7B7B7, AFAFAF, A7A7A7, 9F9F9F, 979797,8F8F8F, 878787, 7F7F7F, 777777, 6F6F6F, 676767, 5F5F5F, 575757, 4F4F4F,474747, 3F3F3F, 373737, 2F2F2F, 272727, 1F1F1F, 171717, 0F0F0F, 000000



New window layouts and menus ( since Bitmap2LCD v2.0 )

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

From v2.0 upwards, the work canvas window ( pixel painting grid ) became smaller than before and the former large menu at the top of the main window, has been replaced by a main menu (blue arrow) and sub-menu (red arrow ) structure. Sub-menu content just changes depending on what’s selected on Main menu.

A new fast access menu is accessible by right-clicking at the down right corner work canvas button or on the horizontal and vertical scrollbars. (Green arrows)

When the Work Canvas Window background is red, it means that an active area selection is still active ! This area can be moved by a mouse drag, and then pasted at the right position.

The pixel color can be selected by right- ( or left-) clicking on the foreground/background color icons (On the fig. below black=FG White =BG).

Foreground and background colors, can also easily be swapped.