About the touch panel function in Bitmap2LCD

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

Touch panel regions (green arrow) can be graphically defined in the work canvas.

  • If not already displayed, load the correct bitmap into the work canvas ( sample)
  • Create a Touch panel script (orange arrow)

The editor gutter becomes green = Touch Panel Script.

  • A region can be defined using the mouse with the area selection tool (green arrow)
  • When the touch panel region size and location are correct, convert the area to a region with the “Make touch region” button (yellow arrow)
  • When all regions where defined , convert the script to an output file (black arrow)

Note that you can edit, move, resize defined regions.

Bitmap2lcd Touch Screen Feature

Configuration settings for touch panel data output (see fig2)

  • In the Touch panel main menu (orange arrow) you can define the data direction and the Touch Screen controller resolution (8,10 or 12 bit)
  • In the toolTouch Configuration Settings Panel, under tab Touch Panel, you can define your favorite output syntax.
  • When converting the defined regions with the button (green arrow) the data in the editor then contains the regions, with field number and the 4 coordinates of each region.

Bitmap2lcd Touch Screen Settings

Start touch Then convert the Touch Panel Regions to Data :

Bitmap2lcd Touch Screen Data


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