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Bitmap2LCD File Explorer : Filter Settings

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

File Explorer : Filter Settings

In the file explorer, you can show/hide the folders in the list (yellow arrow) , Show all files or only the files made today (red arrow) and filter the list by their extension and type (blue arrow) and the panel below the blue arrow.

The filter status can be seen in the file count string which is shown in the statusbar at the right at the top of the window .

Bitmap2LCD Explorer filters

Resize and then Import a graphic into the Work Canvas

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

Resize and then Import a graphic into the Work Canvas


Bitmap2LCD Resize Preview

Since v2.6B, there’s a new toolbar at the top of the graphic (blue arrow)

When importing a graphic file, you can choose to resize the graphic size in the graphic preview (yellow arrow) or turn the graphic or reload the original graphic.

If the graphic is much larger in size than the work canvas, you will see a “blue frame” in the preview, frame which shows the size of the Work Canvas. You can move this area to the graphic detail you wish to import. In this case, the later message box resize to fit should be answered with NO.

When you want to resize the graphic, click on the selection button (yellow button) and then define the size on the image with mouse. The preview will be resized.

When ready import the graphic (red arrow) to the floating selection layer above the work canvas. When ready paste the floating selection layer.




Bitmap to GLCD Hex file >> Output settings

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

Go to the Main Settings (v2.5 +):

bitmap2lcd settings

From V2.5, the below settings can also be found on the file explorer window, outputs tab : there’s a button at the top right to hide or show this toolbar.

fig 1. Hex file output settings buttons [ Bitmap2LCD from V2.0 upwards ]


Bitmap2LCD is a universal programming tool for converting bitmaps/images to GLCD for most graphic LCD controllers. (Monochrome,Grayscale, and Color ->[Color from V2.0] )

The software converts the bitmap and generates a hexadecimal file according to the previously defined user settings.

Here’s a short description of the available settings :

The hexadecimal output format can be selected with a series of buttons located in the output panel (fig 1.)

Description of the settings:

  • The choice of 8 different vertical or horizontal pagings ( the buttons with the arrows ) , your choice depends of the GLCD controller which is built in your LCD module. ( Please refer to the GLCD controller datasheet )
  • Most significant bit is first or is last (Data bit 7) — or in other words the data endianness.
  • Byte nibble swap On/Off, for example for 16 gray level grayscale mode for Sitronix ST7528 controller compatibility. ( In the case of 2 pixel per data byte, 4 bit per pixel data, gray levels )
  • Negative or positive output setting
  • GLCD zero corner selection (Corner where the conversion starts)
  • Output File Header Editor , (A small script to configure Hex file header)
  • Enable/Disable of the Output Data for compression for monochrome GLCD.
  • Enable/Disable 6 or 8 bit Data byte wide output for T693C Controller

As the converted output can just contain a part of the display size, there are other selectable options (not on fig1.)

  • Enable/disable X,Y area coordinate data insertion in the Hex ouptut file
  • Enable/disable area size data insertion in the Hex output file

These configuration settings are saved when you quit the application and restored on application launch. These settings are also a part of the project specific configuration.

Find other available settings in this topic.