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Bitmap2lcd : Output of an Array of [ Arrays of Pixel lines ]

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

Output of an Array of [ Arrays of  Pixel lines ]

Data of one display line of pixels (direction can be either in colums or in rows) can be separate in a sub array (green arrow)

Example of this kind of data output   (Checkbox enabled must be set )

[[    — Array prefix example

[data for line 1]

[data for line 2]

[data for line n]

]]  — Array suffix example


Bitmap2LCD Configuration Settings Python

Grayscale GLCD >> 16 gray levels basics

Bitmap2LCD is a universal programming tool for converting bitmaps/images to GLCD for most graphic LCD controllers.

This software tool can be used for programming embedded systems connected to a Grayscale Small Graphic LCD ( OLED ) with a built-in COG LCD controller similar to the ST7528.

For a start, here’s a short article about 4bpp grayscale (4-bits per pixel ) for displaying 16 levels of gray.

The values from 0  through 15 decimal (00 to 0F hex) correspond to lightest (white) through darkest (black) as shown in the representation below.

A single byte in the DDRAM can be used to store 2 pixels of information.

When using a module with an on glass ST7528 LCD controller, in the source code data byte, the first pixel data comes after the second pixel data :  22221111

With bitmap2LCD [from v2.0 upwards] you can set ON the automatic pixel data nibble swapping, for a correct ordering in the source code output.