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Export a List of Unicode Char(s) to Data

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable graphic and text processing tool.

For Unicode fonts :

Export a List of single Char Addresses and/or Ranges of chars to Data

Standard + Extended Edition

( V4.9b  )

Load a text file of a list of International Characters as a List of Hex Addresses or Address Ranges and export to Data in a single run.

Example of a mixed list of Unicode char addresses and ranges of addresses


Input Format : A single Unicode Char Address per line

Example : 0x0150 ( Or $0150 )

Input Format : A range of Unicode Chars Addresses per line

Example : 0x0150-0x155  ( with ‘-‘ as separator )

  1. Font panel -> Select Unicode, then Create/Load Font

2. Menu Unicode List / Load List of Unicode Chars button

3. Load the text file and export the data

4. Processing export to data…