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Latest News : Bitmap2LCD Version V3.9h out !

News : Bitmap2LCD Version V3.9h


Run Bitmap2LCD on a computer with 2 displays or a large one !

Bitmap2LCD has a few different windows and some like for example the Work Canvas, can be very large as a single pixel is displayed 5x larger, on like 5 real pixels of the monitor.


Bitmap2LCD : Sizeable Editor separated from the File Explorer

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

Sizeable Text Editor and Separate File Explorer

From Version V2.8b, you can split the “File Explorer” and the “Graphics Preview & Editors” (red arrow) into two separate Windows (See button pointed by blue arrows)

Bitmap2lcd Split Editor and Explorer 2

The “Graphics Preview and Editors” Window can then be resized.

Use the same buttons to reunite the windows.

Bitmap2lcd Split Editor and Explorer 1