Export a part of a bitmap to GLCD data with Bitmap2LCD

Export a part of a bitmap to GLCD data with Bitmap2LCD

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

Update => V3.7c

With bitmap2LCD,  you can easily convert a part of an image / picture to hex data for your Graphic LCD Display (partial conversion)


Export Selected Area button (in the main Menu)

To achieve this partial conversion, use the menu item Export Selected Area of to Data or follow this tutorial…

  • Enable the paging scheme display (one of the blue arrows)
  • Red horizontal or vertical lines will then appear in the Work Canvas (red arrow). These lines depend of the selected paging scheme  (horizontal or vertical) and of the pixel data depth ( monochrome , grayscale… ) In this monochrome example, we have 8 pixels / data byte, therefore a gap 8 pixels between the lines.
  • These lines will also act as area delimiters / selection magnets when you later select the area to convert.



With the selection tool (green arrow) , and with the mouse clicked in the Work Canvas, define the area frame (orange arrow)


  •  If you want to see or include somewhere the X and Y corner position, the width and the height of the area frame (orange arrow) inside the code (green arrow) set the buttons (blue arrow).  You can also specify the use of these 4 informations within the header include editor.


  • Start conversion (red arrow)




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