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GLCD Font generator : Data and Structure parameters

Update V4.2

The Data format and Data Structure Parameters for the export of Graphic LCD Fonts have been extended and splitted in two tabs on the Font Panel.

The Tab names are Data and Struct

There’s a choice beetween 3 different GLCD data structures.

The 8 font character descriptors / Font Char Header informations / can optionally be enabled or disabled and their order of appearance in the code, defined.

An Offset system is available to remove lines of blank pixels in the code ( char background ) and save memory space.


Export Font Data to Binary File : Data Structure

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable graphic and text processing tool.

Export Font Data to Binary File : Data Structure

Standard Edition , Update V4,0

When you export the Font Script to a Binary File, the data array is sent to the Hex Editor and saved as a .hex to Disk. ( For example for Data storage in EEprom )

Output + Settings Main Menu :

See below the data structure inside the Hex Editor.

In the following example the generated Font is Arial Unicode Size 10 , ANSI, Selected Chars are A B and C

Structure :

1st Line , red area 00 03 = Number of chars (decimal)

2nd Line, Character Info between 55 AA   ….  AA 55

00 01  Type of Font  >> 0001 = ANSI  >> 0002 = UNICODE  >> 0003 Editable Font

00 36  Char Data Count (decimal)

00 10 Char Width (decimal)

00 18 Char Height (decimal)

00 2D Char ASCII ( Optional > ANSI, Editable font ) or Unicode Char Address (hex)

00 50 First Address Next Char (hex)

Blue Area = Char Pixels data

Green Area = Data Filler, Forces next Char to begin from line begin

bitmap2lcd Font to Binary