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GLCD Font generator : Data and Structure parameters

Update V4.6

The Data format and Data Structure Parameters for the export of Graphic LCD Fonts have been extended and split in two tabs on the Font Panel.

The Tab names are Data and Struct and Header

There’s a choice between 4 different GLCD data structures.

The Font character descriptors / Font Char Header information / can optionally be enabled or disabled and their order of appearance in the code defined.

Character Descriptors / Font Char Header

Switch the needed descriptors to True or False, if you need them or not in your code export. the adjust then order of their appearance in the code at the right.

Char Adress : It’s the Ascii Code of the Char (In the case of Editable Custom Fonts, you can adjust the Ascii Offset in the Data Parameters to adjust the Char address.

Start Address : Start Address of the Data array of the char.

Char Width Bits : Width in bits of the char.

Char Height Bits : Height in bits of the char.

Char Size Bytes : Size in bytes of the char.

Char Size Bits : Size in bits of the char. Example : If the bottom right pixel of the char is X18 , Y31 (in the Char Grid of the Font Panel) + the X0 Y0 bits, so 19 bits in width x 32 bits in height, the Char size in Bits is 19 x 32 = 608 pixels

An X and Y Offset system is available to remove lines of blank pixels in the code ( char background ) and save memory space. The blank lines at the top and at the bottom of the data are removed from the code output and replaced by Offsets in the descriptors.

Char Spacing : Spacing adjustment in pixels chars.

For this subject, also read this article about character spacing with kerning pairs :

An optional Terminator Code can be inserted as last byte at the end of the code.


Font Descriptors / Global Font Header

An optional 4 bytes global Font Header outputs data at the top of the Font Bloc structure.

Data such as global Char Height and Width and Number of Chars can be exported there.


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