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Save and reload a Vector Script

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable graphic and text processing tool.

Save and reload a Vector Script

Enter Vector Mode with buttonĀ  vecto2

In the following example, a circle/ellipse and a rectangle were drawn inside the work canvas and the vectors were exported form canvas to script with the Addvect button

bitmap2lcd vector mode save and reload_1

Save the script to disk (blue arrow)

A vector script is saved to a file having a .B2L extension


Reload a Vector Script

In the Graphics Library Folder ( red Arrow ), click on the B2L file ( blue Arrow )

> Use the Files Filters ( Green Arrow ) if necessary

bitmap2lcd Save and Reload Vector Script

The Vector Script is loaded inside the script editor.

Run script Runvect to draw the the vectors inside the work canvas.

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