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Getting Started > Basic Settings

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems and a programmable text processing tool.

Update V4.6 >

Presentation of Bitmap2LCD (Youtube)


Getting Started > Basic Settings

  • Define the project name and the filenames for Graphic, data output and touch panel data output
  •  Open Configuration Settings window (red frame)
  • Current basic Settings and (red frame)
  • define the Work Canvas size (green arrow)

Configuration Settings : Monochrome, Color and Grayscale, Data formats…

  • Edit the Output File Header syntax  (green arrow)
  • The Output File Header is a text file that is optionally copied to the top of the Text Editor when a data output is generated.

Note : the variable with the [&xxxxx]  syntax are optional script components that are replaced by their value by the software. See details at the end of this article

Bitmap2LCD : About the filenames

Bitmap2LCD is a tool for programming small Graphic LCDs in embedded systems.

About the filenames in bitmap2LCD

Basically the filenames in bitmap2LCD are all associated to the Artwork “bitmap” filename.

In the “File” main menu, you can see the active project, the bitmap and the data output filenames (green arrow)

OUTPUT : The data output file extension can be selected in the configuration settings panel (Main settings + data syntax tab)

IMAGE : is always a bitmap (.BMP) – or a gif if it’s a GLCD animation project (.GIF) –

Bitmap2lcd About filenames

A touch panel part of an artwork will also have a similar filename.

To save an artwork under a new or different filename, click in the main menu  (red arrow) and define the new “artwork” filename ( a bmp ! ) . (This function is also accessible from the work canvas side buttons )

Newbitmap” is the default artwork name : NewBitmap.bmp and NewBitmap.h